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US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, later confirmed that the launched missile was an intercontinental ballistic one.Here in Seoul, things seemed to continue on as usual, which tends to be the case in this city more than used to its fair share of similar news.With the latest launch, North Korea takes one step further along the nuclear side of the Byungjin lineof parallel development of nuclear weapons and the national economy, and arguably, one step back on the economic side of the dual-track policy.In the formulation of the Byungjin line, of course, both are interrelated.

Confirming their location would be critical to the success of any future agreement to freeze and dismantle North Korea's nuclear weapons program, it said.

Misinformation seems to be part of their very education.

In schools throughout the country, children are subjected to anti-Western propaganda, obvious falsehoods about living conditions in their own country, and the relentless cult of personality surrounding North Korean leaders.

In this disturbing poster, a group of school children are depicted attacking and destroying the head of an American soldier, beneath the caption, “It is exciting to play soldiers and seizing the Americans!

” The United States is commonly portrayed as the ultimate enemy of The Democratic People’s Republic.